Steps of Consciousness – Part 3

July 19, 2017

Threads I scribble between consciousness and heart from grace. Many corners I straighten out, by focusing the step to the blindest point of acknowledging.

Grace follows understanding. It is an opening made possible by acknowledging. It may hurt. Cause embarrassment: When eyes have opened, consciousness can really roll upon.

The ego, feeling threat from heart guidance as its opponent, after fake has burst, might cling to whatever it can take hold of. Easily makes love to a controllable product, conditionalising its movements. Internal gatekeepers activate. Before the arrival of grace, such control and judging that I mentioned, will be leaned on. That is rejected, which threaten the definition filled, endless small reality bubbles of the ego. The ego does not willingly go to cut splinters to its fingers, whereas the heart acknowledges it to be a part of the job.

So how to end hiding behind ego? Where to find grace? Forgive one should also, grant forgiveness to others and yourself.

You are often supported to accept only that which feels good. You are taught to avoid your fears. If something does not support the vibrations of your bubble, you void it from its information value. You label manifestations as good or bad, right or wrong, familiar and safe or strange and intimidating with binary stamps of polarity. Pain related to grace is in connection with denseness and resistance of ego structure. The more graceful, heartfelt and understanding you want to be to yourself, the more you strengthen it to yourself and others. Cloggedness clears. You see real forms and meanings of manifestations without dividing them in polarities. Control, judging, positions of the mind and the need to be right will quiet down. You feel you are less separate, more a part of the Creator experiencing itself, as responsibility of developing consciousness, through you.

Grace is a gift. Everything cleanses with understanding of forgiveness. Most rigorous liberation is to reach forgiveness to oneself. So with new acknowledging responsibility opens also freedom, not just to bring new work. This freedom is at the end of surrendering to the falling smallness of mind and accepting grace. Allow your fears to surface to be cleared. The mind is washed to understanding of the Masters.

– Ēl Metatron, in removing your masks