Our Global 'Bomb'

July 29, 2017

You will be aware of our arrival. You create around this - unable our function, our supporting of evolution, to see - uncontrollable fear. Above you as soot float combustion products in the congesting cleansing fire of your energies. You feel drama.

A threat of a great unknown will permanently change your consciousness. Many face for the first time their smallness and fear, as they feel like falling out of their safe feeling of control. The most aware of Oneness consciousness have been able to expect the stepped, completing culmination of the new era.

You have been lead to see threats everywhere. You have been taught to be controllable with fear. A global chain of events will take by surprise quickly. Stunning news have started to raise to your surface waters to tell about bursting bubbles. Many are afraid of chaos. However, change must be created without mercy. Fake will be known at the latest in this phase, when relating to events with sincere readiness. You cannot hide behind any artificial: Not behind roles, not behind earthly responsibilities. Spaciousness to hearts will be achieved, because of compassion for others, Oneness, global unity. Fear is a hobby horse. It will lull readiness. The usefulness of it will set the Earth for a banquet. Fear your fears. Make room for our arrival. That task is your responsibility.

We do not push our essence to the mould of humaneness. Of you, some will want to forget multidimensionality in yourselves, as you interpret this way. You, the wonders of evolution, celebrate your greatness. On this stepped passage we will come half way to you for the fulfilment of the strong responsibility of you and the whole universe, in our carefully considered and planned forms.

– Ēl Vis, Master Metatron