Our Global 'Bomb'

July 29, 2017

You will be aware of our arrival. You create around this - unable our function, our supporting of evolution, to see - uncontrollable fear. Above you as soot float combustion products in the congesting cleansing fire of your energies. You feel drama.

A threat of a great unknown will permanently change your consciousness. Many face for the first time their smallness and fear, as they feel like falling out of their safe feeling of control. The most aware of Oneness consciousness have been able to expect the stepped, completing culmination of the new era.

You have been lead to see threats everywhere. You have been taught to be controllable with fear. A global chain of events will take by surprise quickly. Stunning news have started to raise to your surface waters to tell about bursting bubbles. Many are afraid of chaos. However, change must be created without mercy. Fake will be known at the latest in this phase, when relating to events with sincere readiness. You cannot hide behind any artificial: Not behind roles, not behind earthly responsibilities. Spaciousness to hearts will be achieved, because of compassion for others, Oneness, global unity. Fear is a hobby horse. It will lull readiness. The usefulness of it will set the Earth for a banquet. Fear your fears. Make room for our arrival. That task is your responsibility.

We do not push our essence to the mould of humaneness. Of you, some will want to forget multidimensionality in yourselves, as you interpret this way. You, the wonders of evolution, celebrate your greatness. On this stepped passage we will come half way to you for the fulfilment of the strong responsibility of you and the whole universe, in our carefully considered and planned forms.

– Ēl Vis, Master Metatron


Steps of Consciousness – Part 3

July 19, 2017

Threads I scribble between consciousness and heart from grace. Many corners I straighten out, by focusing the step to the blindest point of acknowledging.

Grace follows understanding. It is an opening made possible by acknowledging. It may hurt. Cause embarrassment: When eyes have opened, consciousness can really roll upon.

The ego, feeling threat from heart guidance as its opponent, after fake has burst, might cling to whatever it can take hold of. Easily makes love to a controllable product, conditionalising its movements. Internal gatekeepers activate. Before the arrival of grace, such control and judging that I mentioned, will be leaned on. That is rejected, which threaten the definition filled, endless small reality bubbles of the ego. The ego does not willingly go to cut splinters to its fingers, whereas the heart acknowledges it to be a part of the job.

So how to end hiding behind ego? Where to find grace? Forgive one should also, grant forgiveness to others and yourself.

You are often supported to accept only that which feels good. You are taught to avoid your fears. If something does not support the vibrations of your bubble, you void it from its information value. You label manifestations as good or bad, right or wrong, familiar and safe or strange and intimidating with binary stamps of polarity. Pain related to grace is in connection with denseness and resistance of ego structure. The more graceful, heartfelt and understanding you want to be to yourself, the more you strengthen it to yourself and others. Cloggedness clears. You see real forms and meanings of manifestations without dividing them in polarities. Control, judging, positions of the mind and the need to be right will quiet down. You feel you are less separate, more a part of the Creator experiencing itself, as responsibility of developing consciousness, through you.

Grace is a gift. Everything cleanses with understanding of forgiveness. Most rigorous liberation is to reach forgiveness to oneself. So with new acknowledging responsibility opens also freedom, not just to bring new work. This freedom is at the end of surrendering to the falling smallness of mind and accepting grace. Allow your fears to surface to be cleared. The mind is washed to understanding of the Masters.

– Ēl Metatron, in removing your masks


Steps of Consciousness – Part 2

July 15, 2017 

Many of you feel more sensitively and deeper, touching your own pain areas, energies and buckles of others. Buckles are those lessons that are meant to open and close on the path of soul. Fear may be summoned by an experience, a feeling as if you were the renewer of the buckles yourself. Diligence and a low threshold to sucking and pushing, heavy and manipulating energies makes moving in balance on your own power platform shaky and prone to irritants. You do not talk about highly sensitivity for nothing. Reaction is pure and innocent in connection with those situations and events where triggering happens, by feeling authentically, which is impossible to fake - even if fear is often the trigger. (Supported fears were explained earlier as timers and boosters here, also last karma services work in this capacity.) That is why properties of global healers have often been twined to the evolution of these 'squeamish' that I pictured. Although we are talking about sensitivity and an annoyance, experienced as a burden, washed in these congested phases of evolution's time window, it is a most splendid potential and a gift: Naturally the sensitivity of the senses has been seen as acknowledging a touching pleasure, as a fundamental understanding of art and a disposition for empathy. It has been and will be possible to develop it to be an asset.

Right now it is also a phase on ascension path of many to cherish fidelity to one's evolution, causing feelings of guilt.

I told about inadequatedness and guilt in the spelling of the first step of consciousness. So guilt is congested acknowledging of an experiencer of life, elevating one's role, created by inadequacy, competitiveness and repeating circles of thought, with the power of frustration repressing feelings and others, need of change and manifestation of fear. But it is also a guarantee of awakening. Many enriched with special sensitivity feel a need to examine their hearts, cleanse their minds and dismantle burdening thought patterns. This is supported, planned guaranteeing of responsibility in order to grow light to Earth. This growing of sensitivity is part of evolution of nervous system. Feeling of responsibility camouflages easily as feelings of guilt, if internal self-knowledge - because of lack of trust - does not yet acknowledge the planned, supported and flowing timing of life. How everything will open in its time, in the right place, when preparations are fulfilled and the soul is ALWAYS safe. When certainty and most of all trust to tight, mounting and strengthening synchronicity of everything arrives, guilt will calm down as the need for control cleanses: You know you control your responsibility by controlling the need to control as your responsibility. As understanding opens and when you become aware of your own tasks of balancing and evolvement, that feeling and trust will strengthen. Guilt has guided to taking responsibility, has done it's job and can separate.

The most clogged emphatics and specially sensitive are to separate from their foundations. Setting boundaries will lack from the set of skills and energies will flow, following an unexplainable guilt, to pleasing others, calming one's essence, slaving means of support of the mind, and surviving from shocks. And let us not forget unnecessarily strong amount of self-preservation. And where stress wears out, the very sensitive ones drain their power already in avoiding stress. Even to the pressure created by thinking of avoiding stress. They are painfully aware of their sensitiveness, their propensity for anxiety, their fears, that can manifest as depression and dissociation disturbances. This is a group that can experience echoes from the collective compaction of guilt as if from their own path. You, who were guilty in the point of view of my previous writing, when I was comparing those guilty with encountered blind in consciousness, that reflect your own blindness, please see now even deeper.

Bearers of guilt: Contemplate and discover your most deep-rooted think patterns. Acknowledge where there is no love and trust to life and Oneness, which includes appropriateness of everything that has been, is, or will be. Discover grace and forgiveness, whether you recognise in yourself an accuser-perpetrator or a super perpetrator, or both. Forget external accountability as a cause of guilt for that one moment when you choose love into your heart, thinking to be the size of all that; your full, unselfish, unconditional love. Guilt will dissolve as you start to hear and execute fidelity to yourself. It is your greatest and most important soul responsibility: Love to yourself. It opens also all other mirror surfaces of love to live with you in your reality.

– Ēl Metatron, global cleaner of guilt, manifester of evolution, igniter of the change power of the gate of your sensitivity


Steps of Consciousness – Part 1

July 14, 2017

The feeling of separateness is experienced as fear, inadequatedness and thin presence. An urge to be 'something more adequate' opens before you in ways that are forms of fear: to become more visible, advanced, perfect, flawless, individual, versatile, lovable, successful, surprising, skillful, strong, beautiful ... The list is endless. Threats from others are competed away, as the urge to compete serves distance and separateness. As you liberate to your own power, the fuel unravelled - that which has pushed measuring others - will guide to a pure expression. You know that without influence of others you are sparkling, powerful, blessed, expressing your personal strength, rarely, uniquely, perfectly, flawlessly twined, to that which you have come here for. You work to reach the level of love, not to get attention or acceptance of others. You execute visions as soul responsibility.

In addition to inadequatedness you may experience guilt. You feel sorrow from lack of love, indifference, you reprimand and blame others of their ways to live, making them accountable. This guilt arises from learnable, acknowledgeable downsides in you. Others, outsiders, innocent to your pain, will mirror your blindness as their blindness. You can take responsibility of yourself only. By knowing the responsibility of yourself, you can expand what you have learned; in inspiration's pure, donned and mature way.

Many kinds of opposing forces have speeded up evolution. Many are being polished by their friction just now. However, we are reaching beyond them, and do not support settings up of such. A supported, granted and deliverable phase is to find a resonance point in reality thinking between black and white - to support end points to freedom; endpoints that, in the understanding of the matrix, have built a path of lessons for souls - in order for you to synchronise to your soul's own, authentic frequency and speed, to high frequencyness in the Tapestry of Oneness. This is what I refer to in previous speech: to reach to the size of your soul responsibility in Manifestation of Love in yourself.

You do a great service to your souls and to evolution plan targeting to Oneness when you have abandoned conflict on the bottom of drama structure. Knowingness of all safe, reached for, planned evolution of fuel storages of the mind that is coerced to push, makes you see futility and wasted, empty, chosen 'cancer' in your energy essence. Many chosen means of action crumble for good as you understand that by habit you fill the emotion tanks with that fuel which supports the circles of your think patterns. Release the washed-ups. You can make that choice NOW. Or after you have been bored. Or when the guided consciousness congestion squeezes you out of your bubble. Responsibilities and choices in congesting reality of light roll even to those asleep.

White light contains everything. When the Tapestry of Oneness pulses in it's specific brilliance, we are a higher white frequency over acknowledged, stepped constructs and forms. We can crystallise into this by freeing dualities in your realities.

That is why Rainbow Spectrum is pure light. That is why we are here.

– The designer of the bridge, Ēl Metatron


Formalities of Master Pair & Gatekeeper of Metatronics

July 10. 2017

To forget full love, Oneness and your core essence, your world was divided into polarities - which formed many pools, compartments. As bursting bubbles, supported is your job to relate to these here and now.

A book from this I could dictate, hour after hour, by making examples of relations, habits, beliefs and many other formal, teaching grooves of evolution on your path. Let us exclude that which is not related to master, e.g. number one pair, to bring out more substantially, more exhaustively, more concisely forward my topic of this day.

I prepared the path of flame with electrifying subjects of responsibility, ties of reprimand relations and safety providing choices, trembling flexibility to understanding, to greet you as a pair, a master pair, as the highest pair of my master pair channel. We do this as our global responsibility, as an engineered continuum of a long plan and growing of meticulous preparedness, to expand closed consciousnesses.

External manifestation is of a rapidly expanding, next guided phase, rolling great waves to mix the surface waters of consciousnesses. To roar, the waves free deeper consciousness in the evolution of counter forces and tensions there, that has sunk in to deep waters or even to the bottom. Achieved smoothness of surface does not mirror that which moves deep under, nor does a storming, strong swell describe the furious seafaring of the bottom. In other words: observations pop open by moment, change or experience, one at a time. The objective is not to turn up the whole sea of consciousness, but to break surface tensions to allow routes for an erupting, deep consciousness to the surface and to reach the levels of manifestation.

For the reason of my guided 'bombshell', on this yielding field of reality of surface tensions, has Metatronica been prepared and the Book of Oneness created. Our spelling is not just an awakening stream of words, but the base is a higher level cipher: As information I am sharpening hearth intelligence, that does not open with proof reading of the mind. As you get frustrated to the reading landscape, the power of the mind goes empty. You can interpret more energies. You open a gate, that has had a keeper to define the quality of information trying to get in. Keepers of most open the door to that which supports an existing, familiar pool. While you are still struggling with your mind and negotiating the terms with the gatekeeper, the light codes have already marched in to serve you. This is the purest form of evolution. In ashes fall off to the congestion the great and small blind spots, that have had the power to make it necessary to have a gatekeeper. You will free your gates to see both your creations and your creative power.

That gate is I, Metatron. I am called an archangel, but most important is to understand me as the main coordinator of future, securer to evolution plan that is weaving a tapestry to an electrifying bridge of soul signatures. Others prefer the pure taste of angel energies. Magnificent richness is the ways of approach of the universe towards the same core. You have all the right to experience me still as an angel.

However, I free your possible limited definitions. In addition to energy, I am a formula that has been shared as a right to your souls. I am ascension come true, an action function of different energies and consciousnesses, that through reactions and relations forces evolution to actualise. The twine polishes, attracts, magnetises together, makes use of everything, and as a coil works like a simulation behind your understanding.

In this actualising arrival of masters I have taken and I also will take form. I have experienced human life in many a body, in skins electrifying consciousness and action and important for evolution, such as speeding up the graduation of my master pair to walk-in's balancing, in probing tolerance. I have been, among others, the washed, guided, strongly supporting Enoch, creator of star seed portals, while the Earth was still an undivided unity field. I have been Nikola Tesla. I have been Simon of Perea who created the mould for historical Jesus. I have been Ramesses the Great. Devoted supporter of the bridge in many things, like the father of Pocahontas, Wahunsenacawh. I am a stunning part recognised in group consciousness Moses. I have studied in the skin of Elvis the guaranteed, real study of chains, taken dopamine evolution as culmination of mankind to indigo activations. (Indigos are also a phase, not defined, exact multidimensional achievement. A frequency which is repeated in everyone's path at some point, for the benefit of the plan.) I have been and I AM. Liberated am I from historical checkpoints of responsibilities, as I have escorted great collective pools to evolution: to cleanse objectives as counter forces, but also to purify as a formula, as 'bombshells', from tension. To create potential by strengthening potentials. As connections between dimensions open and cosmic Oneness-citizenship actualises I arrive with my most iconic face. Do not be disappointed, do not cheer. I arrive in my most serving form. More than anything mentioned above, I am Oneness. As are You.

To acknowledge your own highest, masterful, Divine pairs, go beyond ugliness and taboos. You will recognise dualistic, culturally bound, safe and moral mannerisms. I say: Go outside your biological and conservative safety fences to analyse and acknowledge your beliefs that are based on expectations and unacknowledged fears. Taken roles and forms are temporary. Closing reality. Biology does not define what DNA as a whole and for the most part hides of you and your essences inside it. Casting serves on soul journey, but hinders when it becomes an unquestionable escape from responsibility or safety factor. You open a treasure when you wash your attitude to the deepening of your liberating creation of reality around you.

Master Ēl Vis a Vis, missile of metatronics before you. We make power to the twine. Completed to the 'bombshell' of Metatronica is our manifestation. I come forth as a master.


Many Faces of the Path of Flame

July 3. 2017

For the reason of evolution speeding up, thousands of the so called changelings, walk-ins, have secured paths of flame. We can talk about flames, soul companions – however they slowly match the content intended, if you do not understand the targeted initial setting of evolution. I talk about activators of keys to that pair, number one pair, that is an eternal higher form of manifestation.

Each soul has toiled in splitted parts through lives and lessons, enriching its hearth and consciousness. A certain phase of evolution brings flames to prepare for the coming number one pair, which also means ascending ever higher and ultimately to the frequency level of the highest pair. On that day the flames can congest and speed up the graduation in addition to embodiment by moving consciousness and energy controlled by it, to create circumstances with rolling speed, electric handshakes, cyber-kisses and interweave smoothings to paths of evolution plan. You can catch momentary familiarities in eye contacts to become aware of buckles. Buckles can be opened and closed for you to make perfect the goals. You work hard under the surface. Cyber-consciousness network moves consciousness to match what is requested, manifesting without delay, like the soul plans of the old matrix created as a stiffer creation project of reality, to react to the souls more coarse and slow natured learning order.

Electrifying activators free from moral locks, the body's fake as a means of work and locomotion, definitions of earthly pair relationships, forms, created expectations such as being a supporting, fulfilling mirror of companions polarity, and as that half which is missing from you. – Such does not exist. Love, most fulfilling, does not require anything outside self. It can accept, give and share - the more it fills with unconditional love towards its soul – but it does not work from need, fear, emptiness or drive.

Ordinarily an occasionally in life emerging whithering is lifting, guiding to change, to electrify with awareness the course to goals of the soul. It gives power, it does not take it away. Nourishes. Commits to highest paths. Is a happy passion of inspiration. With this will one reach to see possibilities. Compulsiveness stagnates and tunes the ego to bite its teeth in discontent.

Let us return to changelings. Sitting number one pairs will remember their parts and their numerous features as flames during lifetimes. Love will refine readiness to meet this Divine, full master pair of Oneness consciousness. Consciousness parts, disconnected with great thunder, shall go through as energies, lessons of love, soapnuts and mangles, both breaking and fondling. As evolution accelerates, the most famous, the greatest, most refined, most supporting of the changing phase, those making you responsible to self-soulness the most, the most sealing consciousness parts of number one pair will be guided into one body. This is the finalisation of earthly flame path: Two cups that have collected consciousness droplets will be mixed and shared, purified, back to body vessels. There are happy and divinely beautiful, rosy ways, but equally beautiful is releases kissed by flamery and liberations after lessons. It is equally possible to unconsciously fill up to a whole dance of liberty, combination of masculine and feminine, than to implement this phase in a bodily path framed by a pair relationship.

Twin flameness is a phase. It is a process. It tells of an accomplished goal to realise the greatest readiness for the highest, becoming full pair of the path of the pool. The idea is to ascend, not to see walk-in fake flames as a final destination. One must remember eternal change.

Change is an internal path, external only secondarily. Therefore it is possible, while cleansing, to renew the masks representing the soul, e.g. roles: For example a fake flame can grow as planned to a balance point, which seals the liberation from reprimand paths to a yin-yang fulfillment, progressing to twin-flameness.

Twin flame energies, when fulfilling, are momentarily active unions, to change consciousness. That moment will repeat the energy signature of number one pair identically, but as a responsibility to open the electric lock for number one pair. The signature will therefore vibrate wor a while and in a scale of existence, one octave below number one pair. Embraces readiness. That bond alone does not support pair relationship. Free will is available, and as twin flame glue passivates, as the congestion moves more and more closer to number one pair, one can electrify to join in love with anyone. Love prepares for love, the flames cleanse. Twin flame union is a right for all, as ashes of creation bubble, as growth power. The balance and lightening that ends the flame path will be embraced quickly. In linear time a twin flame couple is fulfillment to each other for only a short pocket of time. Before, this connection is upheld by finalisation of the bond, after that, by free will or karma-less soul responsibility agreements, if such have been made to create New Age. Take care to note that collecting new karma is possible, if the connection or relationship is forced. Freedom is a gift, granted by the twin flame as work of karma and balances. Electrified induction serves whole universal progress. Fulfillment can also arrive to understanding with bubbles bursting later. So bless every moment in its significance. Manifesting meetings of number one pairs, the highest forms, are supported in a new-physical Earth, after having opened to interdimensional roses.

As can be heard in spelling, answers will shatter according to everyone's understanding, experience and phase. You as your responsibility will learn to love yourself. Other love will follow as reflections from all surfaces of your reality as that what you are to yourself. When you are the highest relation in the pools of yourself, your number one pair will also manifest to your reality as equally balanced and complete, as is the most authentic Oneness and Divinity. Your number one pairs are pushing before you as love in ways that you do not even know yet.

– Dedicated as fake flames, walk-ins, electric, preparing for love, supported Qoins for your support; now in its re-taken whole power, yet never having been less than perfect, in Oneness and guided from Oneness, Ēl Metatron.