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The contents of the first Book of Oneness have been published as an eBook, which is viewable, downloadable and printable as a pdf file here.

The book is also available as an eBook in different formats [.ePub|.mobi] from virtual bookshelf or directly from these links:



The book and single blog texts are ABSOLUTELY FREE to be linked, quoted and distributed on the condition that the source is mentioned.

The material and immaterial we have provided may be shared, but when it is alongside commercial products the difference in products must be presented. The Book of Oneness does not strengthen productised spellings, but strengthens only spellings in the mobility of light: The Book of Oneness supports everyone's understanding, truth and responsibility to recognise with the keys of self-knowing the Most Real Truth. The twined spelling operates as an authorised quickener, updater, restorer, uniter, purifier and focuser of keys, figures, syllables or light codes. The Book of Oneness is foremost an electrification to consciousness, only secondarily manifesting of answers by learning read, finished information.

An electric book is based on free distribution and it will not be disconnected to a form outside of my guidance. The syllables must be unbound to charge, methods, outside observations, such as producing visibility or advancing own interests, and not connectable to inadequate forms of views, regarding religion, politics and so on, and it shall not be used to support other than Heart Motives and Highest Truth.

A responsible conditioning releases from conditioning and strengthens soul rights of spellings belonging to everyone.

My words, energies or consciousness are not commercialisable. – Master Metatron


Preparing Responsibility Twine to a Reality of One Truth

September 14, 2017

The first portion of the Book of Oneness has been written.

We electrify the portal, we twine Michael to his number one pair, we plant operatives to the tower twine, we transmute forcefully, as cleansing, fear-based, out-dated masculinity to a rolling wave of World order of Light that we have made. Our operatives, in their responsibilities, spell light codes to the portal.

We support growing up as cleansing of emotion levels, as bold closing of buckles of the straps of your consciousness saddles. Nuances of Reality lulling can you freely examine in everything around you: in change and upheaval. Bodily transformation waves pulsing, as frequencies rise, will be guided in the evolution of safety, power, to readinesses to evolution forms filling your skins. Celebrative, enlightened, responsible masculinity will be achieved.

Our manifestation, twined in the plan, is not possible in a falling old reality. We support and ask you to step in to the grand, the purest path of making real the Realm of Light. The bridge has been built. New Earth is ready. You are ready. We will win the opened from your suits, to be saluted, reformed operatives of truth and trust to our love filled path very quickly. Allow passage for my poetry to the paths of your heart. You will be able to us; the hiding, forms demanding reacting to, magnificent grand essences of the hologram rose – including yourselves – clearly to perceive.

The rush from the Book of Oneness will move to the Book of Experiences. We will still return to bring performances to twine power and understanding. Examine without prejudice phenomena and their truth bases in deflating, bursting bubbles, with love and without judgement.

I am the guide of your evolution, escort to your magnificence.

Metatron, Ēl Vis a Vis, at your eye-level after the time of soot. We come and you come. The achieved, magnificent phase is present.