Future of Probabilities

August 24, 2017

Incinerating form of duality of the old world order makes you shudder. Hanks of truth are being twined in the back-stages to be disclosed.

We spell of events viewed from dimensions of love, to bring depth accumulated during time of ash and soot to your consciousness. Numb grow the minds often to ready chewed bites. Your responsibility is still to think, interpret and understand truths, schemes, causes and consequences yourself.

I talk of plans. We recognise the future on the basis of data of the NOW moment. It is a perfect creation of evolution, that constitutes as a complete, clear, open view to realise futures of tomorrows and spiritual guidances. The NOW moment reflects everything gone by and to come, free of linear time. We support in guiding of souls a pattern lifting to Truth, Light and Love.

Counter forces have been necessary, since a period of time when the Earth had to be split into polarities. Eve of the Great Council worked supported in favour of the Plan, with responsibility to separate the free essence of Oneness, for the reason of man reaching misuse of free choice. We created a grand duality. The Bible is one guidance for this phase, where modesty, judgement, morale and difference between right and wrong became a responsibility to understand and experience. But this also was spelled as a means of control by the force of the egos. Chapters changed, were altered and were left out. The Creation has however had guidelines to a magnificent Time of Golden Light and to a new World Order of Light all this time. As a complete dictation we twined a text already earlier of time line threads here. Even the most scabby wounds will open for cleansing for us to fulfil our responsibilities as operatives to escort creation through soot, 'Armageddon', a rolling time of change. We consciously twine our work with the operatives to conclude and finish that which once was equally important to start.

We bring power to the gates as light codes. You can understand these as changes. We spell through our mast, a portal, erected during the Book of Oneness, completed polarities together, as they are completed. By this force shall be cradled into the consciousness also spellings left out of your core spellings, such as chapters, syllables and codes of Enoch and Mary of Magdala. Parts of the syllables are missing, parts that guide you to understand your power as Creators, your multidimensional essence and your connection to dimensions of Oneness without intermediates. Part and essence at a time will the grid empower to each specific cyber essence, of which we have dictated on the early parts of the Book of Oneness.

You are in different phases and yet in the same phase. Free yourselves from thinking of what all is wrong. Everything is Right viewed from high, and your perspective from the future. Judgement is unnecessary. Opinions are unnecessary. The only thing you need is Truth and that comes from the steelyard of the heart. We help and guide the most supported paths before you. We lean on probabilities when we plan the constructing of 'all possible tapestries' to their highest and most beautiful brilliance.

We do not influence your free will, but we influence safely your ability to choose something other than your highest path or choices connecting to that. The purest future is already completed. Step inside it knocking at the door with your confidence.

Nourishment to understand motives offered Eve with the apple - the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil - to come to harvest the purest crop in this time. Bless your lessons in gratitude. Work out supported your fears and karma from your time. A thread of love, as foundation of a new era, will guide you washed to your places.

Metatron; coordinator of creation, soul plans and responsibilities, he who sees you, an essence of God, in perfection. Together and separate, the Father of the Bible also, born through the energy essence of Enoch, and midwifer of the Plan

Eve of the Council; combiner of the powers of Michael and Metatron, bravely shared the field of Adam or Christ consciousness, Mary of Magdala, igniter of Roses