From Acquiescent to Doer – The Rolling Stone of Creation Power

August 16, 2017

You are being ripped. Burst will the bubbles soon. You will quickly notice, through your disappointment, that things free for all, by right, shall no longer be price-set elements of a more conscious, new reality matrix. The power behind authorities and the Holy, and forms productised as clean, safe and necessary, with help of for you familiar and taken for granted mental images, sold as debt, hidden strings of the puppets, will crumble in your eyes. You receive these from feeling of security, to create definitions, value, as exchange, in the bubble of demand and supply.

As a result of ease and comfort – the part of an acquiescent – you support order, freedom oppressing fleeing from responsibility that, as duality is withering, is not any more supported by the soul, Oneness, the vibration map of the master; love, heart or highest will.

You feel it as discontent, emptiness and frustration, after first having reached the walls of your bursting bubbles as cramped, too small become realities with their lessons.

You have changed your consciousness at that phase to readiness to change the external to that which is responsibility, work and renewal from the processes of freeing your spirit. So you are reflecting a finished energy as pure values to the template of external creation for internal reality to build into outer basic elements, that creates physicality. The external can be created the more revolutionary way the less there are connections to karma paths created as supported lessons. I have spoken of this a lot, and I will speak, until I have made my words unnecessary.

You are operatives in the time of brightening the truth. Your responsibility is to find your truth. We will meet behind our creations. We all, parts of the Creator, will create in Oneness. The form of the creations will serve its time and the way it needs, but like in a circus, funfair or theatre the performances are viewed: The programs and the programmings must change to serve the grand plan of evolution, also to be enriched with the spectrum of experiences.

I say: Do not acquiesce. Examine, is your acquiescence readiness to this conscious creation, or lacing convenience: A need to change the world is first a need to change self, in order to become a power to change your outer world with your new energy values.

– Ēl Metatron, knitting tapestry from responsibilities