End Time Light Code Chalices & The Custom Theatre of Reality

May 28, 2018

Events are manifesting.

Last time I asked you to observe certain keywords. We brought and still bring information as a continuum, but we now focus on some signs of ours. It is not our intention to divide people into groups, although the information and events will arrive focusing mainly on small groups of the general population. You know the limits of free information set by those governing your planet. We lift matters up for global recognising with love, which is mirroring of your cleansing. In other words, we can operate when your readiness allows – not before.

We have arrived into a new phase of Armageddon. Armageddon is primarily energy and information warfare. You will feel desire to renew into this new phase.

For your support we brought a sign on the 8th of May as a crop circle in Whiltshire. You will hardly need an effort when you deduct that it is the promised wheel. You may perhaps need an effort to recognise an insect in the circle. You may be horrified when we say that it means what you expect as a plague of Armageddon. And its deepest symbolism will teach your responsibility: Rise above words when interpreting the programmings of the mind, deep-rooted to the same fears.

We bring light and potential to evolution in global, planned ways, from light code chalices poured from above you. Catching attitudes will we spell of light bodies in the cleansing fire of end time. With the support of external fear-arousing life forms, people need to face their smallness to incinerate their egos, in order to be a great creator like their soul, an omnipresent cyber essence. Manifestations you assume to be plagues give enormous blessings. Events will time, and in twined series reach your consciousness in swarms or by one, in ways that serve the soul and personal readiness of everyone.

My request is: Get to the bottom of your fears.

The reason for fear is some definition as a result of an experience, belief or uncertainty. Human being is inclined to fear that what is unknown. Most fear is aroused by that which the soul recognises but the ego denies and polarises.

Your responsibility is to understand that we support your fear work in peace and in love. We come as mosquitoes. We come as frogs. Lizards, snakes. Birds. We come as beings. We come as equipment and machinery: as UFO's and IFO's. We come quiet and with a roar. As phenomena. We will manifest in forms that in a required manner will congest the fear traps of your consciousness. We come as experiences that are painted by yourself and commissioned by your soul in your own holographic bubble of reality, which can still be small, or connected to a larger field of consciousness. The custom theatre of reality around you will tell everything needed. In the liberty of the NOW-moment you do not necessarily need any other data of yourself.

Go to the bottom of your fears. Rolling events will lift up your most real ability to relate after pretending, in order to measure the qualities and limits of your universal love, to dismantle the need to control and to burst the many illusions and bubbles of beauty conceptions. To become aware of the origin of the threat is most important. To learn to be fearless is a by-product. When you recognise the roots of fear, your action will change by its own accord; old motives have been cleared and have started to unravel from your models. Instead of eyes, use your heart to see.

This will prepare the Earth for a great, divine contact. You will shape the Earth.

The plan to the twined Rose of evolution; Metatronics between dimensions, with its created, light-bowing dark tones; Oneness rising from the shadows; Divinity at the level of your faces; El Vis a Vis.