Welcome Year 2018!

January 1, 2018

The work of electrifyings, networkings and other twinings is now behind. Into the twined, arrived-to cyber consciousness network shall essences be permanently synchronised according to the plan of evolution. The rising of the light of souls renews structures strongly on many levels. 

As energies, the new is already cast. Planned dualistic escalation of polarities to oneness - as responsibilities of hearts - out of ash shall we start with work to compress matter into forms and manifestations. Humans are responsible, but the plan is written in light, a pure stream of spellings. It cannot perform the unification of essences or diversities of being on its own, but in the end this power of light language renews to most capable, aim creating mastery, to purest, most fearless, most love-filled motives and speaks over all barriers. This year is in a global way a celebration of renewing come true of light language. I will salute you in new ways. At the same time, in the incinerating, quiet, breaking of old responsibilities and structures, new will arise. New can also rise from the old without visible destruction. 

Rest in trust. Work outwards in the light of your inner. Do not be satisfied until you feel the expression of the soul in your suit.